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Formal dress for different figure

Le 29 December 2015, 06:37 dans Beauté 0

"May have a heart, whitehead not and mutually leave", in ten million people encounter the fate of people, is a happy thing. In the holy wedding, the blessing, happiness will be others seem to be any imperfect should not exist. However, chest too plump, alvine too outstanding, the neck is too short, double chin bride-to-be, how to make oneself more perfect? Actually, want to notice when custom dress, completely OK.

Busty bride: when custom dress of the most important thing is to keep from the neck to the abdomen, line is concise and agile too low bosom or drab line, may not be the best way of modification, the appropriate ruching, and micro low collar type can make chest feel a little bit small. Necklace, necklace seems to be redundant ornaments, awning sleeve and thin belt can make you look more "spectacular" in the chest.

Second, alvine outstanding bride: too soft cloth will make your stomach is more prominent, and satin, A word, because they don't close to, will get the effect of the modification with the movement of the body, but don't choose lace because to modify or compose ACTS the role of too much haute couture gown. The waist line is don't be too tight, too complicated, can use multilevel to cover, but not too thick, try to let whole looks relaxed, fresh and clean.

Three, neck is shorter bride: V is gotten, U collar, a word is the best choice for you, and although the round collar can show a part of the neck of the line, but if you are a big face, you may be a circle and circle, all in all, much less on the package. High comb hair is a good choice for you, of course, if you don't like, want to put down the hair, that would have to clearly grasp the hierarchy, and dazzling jewelry is diverting attention oh good method.

Four, chest is flat the bride: the chest is flat when you customize the dress, as long as can add some special design, but high collar is not suitable for you, and more fluffy material, can let your body seems to be "material"! Small chest than big chest to decorate, besides can more padding to hide, with haute couture gown also can let you show charming woman flavour, don't match too strong, multifarious act the role ofing is tasted.

Five, the bride has a double chin: in the choice of collar type, as long as you hold a point - don't pack, dew point, more complex, high collar type will be your bad partner, and more act the role of shoulder pads and shoulder dressed-atom will make you double chin more obvious. Hair on the simple, deserve to act the role of on trying not to be too complicated, delicate without complex car embroidery, make the line of sight.

Bride: six, shoulder is wide wide shoulder to you because of the shoulder line is too long, in order to strike a balance, there is custom tailoring the vertical lines and large boat v-neck dress, soft and gentle on the shoulders of compose ACTS the role of can line is too wide. Thin to wear jewelry, necklace, appropriate than the necklace.

Seven, arm coarser bride: thick arm of the bride, not to solve with diet, exercise can slightly improve the good, of course. Avoid to choose too heavy cloth, with sleeveless formal dresses. As far as possible to take advantage of the beautiful jewelry and scarves, shawls to distraction, and covered sleeve and sleeve has veiled effect, put down the long hair or romantic curl is also a good method of modification.

Charm for women is improtant in evening party

Le 28 December 2015, 09:49 dans Humeurs 0

From the point of traditional ideas, this dress is suitable for Oriental female? YES, many Chinese women customers all like this dress! Perspective of bud silk, three-dimensional flower ornament by hand on your chest, there is a kind of vague beauty. Trailing skirt of cultivate one's morality, is the high-grade jacquard fabrics, elegant. When a "crisp" meets "exquisite" lace jacquard, just in the "may be" the beauty of the woman.

At first glance, it is the color between the somewhere between the blue and green "captive", chic and elegant; Under scrutiny, perspective on the shoulders lace, handmade crystal times show costly; Three-dimensional flowers bloom in outline curves of skirt, both natural and graceful, carpet of flowers and a plain and neat elegant chic; Hollow out back, is the designer's original conceptions, presented is a sexy way, but women's beauty.

What kind of mood, you have a black dress can interpret well. You can be proud, elegant, sexy and elegant, black can well show the style you want, just like this dress. Beautiful handmade lace sewing beads, sexy backless buttons on the ornament, restoring ancient ways design, elegant tail design, still eDressit custom jing to belong to you.

Enthusiastic red "patchwork" mysterious black, fashion, personality, more hot sexy beauty with Brazil. The annual meeting of the dress by the shoulders v-neck lace interpretation, exquisite, temptation; Elegant yarn, the outline of lithe and graceful body appearance, with vents, the tail to try to adorn, with slightly punk fan metallic belt to carry on, there is a beautiful "extraordinary", is there?

Chinese style elements, the western tailoring, for love of match well of Chinese and western woman, this is perfect. Small collar design, highlight the neck of the woman; Three-dimensional lace flowers decorated with shoulder curve, cultivate one's morality of fishtail skirt the outline of lithe and graceful body appearance, eDressit custom romance for you. Whether to attend the banquet, or as a wedding dress, are very appropriate.

Have the feeling of pure, simple and easy annual dress can also be a kind of pure beauty. Seemingly random hand catching plait, outline the bosom curve, with crystal ornament in heart, low-key costly, glittering and translucent water embellish, with blue water, showing the girl clever, elegant, and that a little sexy!

If we say, chic, asymmetric from her sleeves can be reflected in the design of; If we say, delicate, from her lace can be seen in the "blooming" sleeves; If we say, refined, can find out from her pink hue. Gathering many girls love elements of dress, the annual meeting of the dress, to let more women tailored to belong to his own good.

Sometimes, customize a dress, also is in actually reveal a kind of attitude to life. Simple design, by pure manual catching plait times add delicate, with wine red hue and times flavor. When fold the outline of lithe and graceful body curve, elegant skirt makes women more ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings.      >>>>>>>>>>> Post by: Joanne